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At least this snippet (http://nasssty-slyth.livejournal.com/28665.html?thread=275449#t275449) should make more sense now :)

When the split happened I wrote a drabble to try and make it better for myself. It's set after the ending of the "epic catfic" and I wrote about how Ryan and Jon (who have figured out how to woo each other without walking into walls) decide to leave Greta's house and go on an adventure together, mostly because Ryan wants to embrace his inner wild cat and Jon thought it would be nice to do something like that together. So I wrote the scene of their departure... except that I wrote it ona piece of paper that I can't find anymore :( It was nice, though! Maybe someday I'll write it again....

Also, I sent you the WACD AU doodle :)

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