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Fanart: Ryan Ross, Magical Babysitter?!

Okay, so once upon a time, I told [ profile] spindlelimbs about a plot bunny that I had where Jon Walker is a divorced parent who needs help to take care of his kids, Dylan and Clover (LOL I know). So his kids are totally bratty because of the lack of, you know, a motherly figure and Jon is DESPERATE. So he talks to his friend, Brendon, and they come up with a newspaper add for a babysitter and blah blah blah the kids make their own add blah blah blah then the morning comes and there are a bunch of babysitters outside, waiting to be interviewed because Jon is HOT (It was Brendon's "brilliant" idea to add a picture of Jon and the kids in the add, and a lot of women went *_*)

And then RYAN, THE MAGICAL BABYSITTER SHOWS UP (Well, he wasn't going to at first, but his mentor, Pete, basically told him to take the job because something wonderful would come out of it) :D And Spencer totally shows up later in the story as the dude who likes to perform magic tricks and play drums at the park (and Ryan's BFF)

I can't get the image of Spencer giving Brendon a flower at the park out of my mind *_* (And it ends up with Jon/Ryan and Spencer/Brendon because I'm PREDICTABLE.)

So here's a sketch of how I envision Ryan... It's a sketch that I made with my tablet so there are a lot of sketch lines. I managed to color it though...I still suck at drawing hands though XD

Here's a preview...

*_* I really just want to draw a sketch of every character from the fic...I already have a few drabbles but omg it's so far from finished >:(
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At least this snippet ( should make more sense now :)

When the split happened I wrote a drabble to try and make it better for myself. It's set after the ending of the "epic catfic" and I wrote about how Ryan and Jon (who have figured out how to woo each other without walking into walls) decide to leave Greta's house and go on an adventure together, mostly because Ryan wants to embrace his inner wild cat and Jon thought it would be nice to do something like that together. So I wrote the scene of their departure... except that I wrote it ona piece of paper that I can't find anymore :( It was nice, though! Maybe someday I'll write it again....

Also, I sent you the WACD AU doodle :)